1.11.2012 | by Darryn | view comments

Great customer service is one of the most important aspects of business. An understatement, or an overstatement? I’m pretty convinced its the former.

A bad experience can you turn you away forever. A good experience can turn you into a fan, instantly.

I just got my car serviced a few days ago by a new mechanic. It’s interesting how they use text messaging for quick communication with clients.

  • First text, an appointment reminder the day before
  • Second text lets me know they will call soon to discuss repairs and costs
  • Third text, tells me my car is ready to be picked up
  • Fourth text arrives the day after. A thank you plus a question if I was satisfied. (Reply 1 for satisfied. Reply 2 for somewhat dissatisfied.)

I’m guessing if I replied “2” I would have received a phone call.

A pretty simple approach. And doable for most service based businesses.

What do you think constitutes great customer service? Is this a good system? What other simple customer service approaches have you experienced?