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Late in 2011, Shaun, Darryn, and myself spent two days filming in Sydney, listening to the very personal stories of 14 amazing people with Cerebral Palsy.  The project was part of an initiative by Cerebral Palsy Alliance to encourage and inspire people with Cerebral Palsy through hearing the shared experiences of others. Hearing their stories of pain, hardship, passion and determination was a moving and inspiring experience.

The 14 participants covered all age ranges and life experiences, including paralympians, musicians, students and successful business people. They spoke about their hopes, achieving their goals, coping with discrimination and bullying, as well as offering advice on how to build confidence and push past life’s obstacles.

Despite the diversity of their life experience and visible severity of their situation, they all shared very similar stories about their experience of Cerebral Palsy.  The struggles they had to overcome, both with the physical aspects, and, as one participant said, a society that generally assumes they “will not amount to much”, were truly inspirational.

The struggle with editing these videos was choosing what not to include, as every person had a unique story that was worth sharing.  Because we did not have the luxury of filming the everyday lives of the participants, we incorporated elements of animation to visually support their stories and emphasise key points. Thanks to composer Heath Brown for creating a beautiful soundtrack.

We hope you get a chance to have a look at the videos and hear their incredible stories.  Below is one of six of the videos produced.

You can watch all six in our folio.