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How much of your life do you spend at work? If you’re like us, it’s a lot. Why spend that much of your life somewhere you don’t like? That’s part of the reason we started Bluehat in the first place. Now we’ve found a shiny new office, so we get to do work we love in a place we love. I thought I’d give you a tour. Please keep all limbs inside the vehicle, and save any questions until the end.

A cubicle farm was never going to work for us. Mark would run screaming, and Tom would probably get lost in all the partitions. After looking around at a few places that didn’t grab us, we stumbled upon the empty top floor of a sandstone building on Bathurst St.

With wooden floors, exposed beams, and window sills you can sit on to observe the CBD ticking by, we knew it had to be Bluehat’s new home.

Being such believers in design, we weren’t about to haphazardly plonk some furniture in without a thought for how the office would sit together. So we hired our comrades at Interia to design a space that was simple, efficient, and reflected Bluehat’s personality.

While we didn’t need anything fancy, finding solid furniture that suited us proved difficult. With Interia’s guidance we decided on simple plywood furniture we could build cheaply.

Given the collaborative nature of our work, we need a workspace that lets us interact without impediment. Our solution is the Desk Island, which simply is a collection of tables. Einstein keeps an eye on us, making sure we don’t slack off.

One separate larger table on a rug makes for our meeting table, with Mark’s charcoal that has become our patron saint at the end.

While most of our office is open plan, there was a handy room built in to the corner we’ve converted into an edit suite.

A place for our clients and ourselves to relax is important to us. Darryn found some funky old chairs at a second hand place that serve the purpose well.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as was the case with our kitchen area. We needed somewhere to stash our filing cabinets, and storage space for the kitchen area. Thus, the Hutch was born.

We’re pretty happy with the new place. There’s plenty of room for us to work and meet with clients, and a couple of spare workspaces for our frequent subcontractors.

We even have an office pet. When he’s not featuring in certain advertisements, he tends to sprawl out on the Hutch.

There’s plenty more we want to do with our new office – like put something on the walls. Let us know what improvements you think we can make.

But now we’ve shown you ours, show us yours. What’s your workspace like?