9.05.2011 | by Mark | view comments

Thought I’d attempt to implement my love for Cinema 4D dynamics to the real world.

I was keen to try and match and place 3D objects in real world space using image-based lighting and motion tracking software.

I shot footage of a back alley in Hobart with subtle dolly movement. I then used an iPhone app to capture a 360-degree image of the alleyway to use to light the 3D scene. It’s a hack way of doing it, but appeared to work ok!

Motion tracking allows you to match the movements of 3D objects to the camera movements in real footage. I motion tracked the alleyway footage using PF Track and exported to Cinema 4D.

So, there’s my first attempts at placing 3D objects in real footage using an image from my iPhone to light the scene. We’ll be able to use this technique to place computer generated objects, characters or text in real footage for our client work.