11.04.2011 | by Shaun | view comments

The world was hammering on our door. “Oh, Bluehat!” they cried. “Share with us! Share tales of wonder from the mad-cap and oft-treacherous world of design! Regale us with anecdotes of tomfoolery and shenanigans from the Bluehat saga!”

Well, maybe it wasn’t the world. Maybe it was just Tom. And maybe he wasn’t asking for stories, just whining that we’d locked him outside the office again. But we thought we’d start a blog anyway. So here I am, writing an introductory post for the Hat Rack.

You can expect behind the scenes looks at our design process from Darryn, experiments in video from Mark, cool design scavenged by Tom, and probably a bunch of rants on obscure design issues from me.

But the whole point is to interact a bit. Is there anything you’re interested in us writing about? Let us know in the comments.